Let Miracles Happen

Understanding Your Own Power with Help of The Akashic Records


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Ozark Mountain Publishing


  • Author Gabrielle Orr

    Gabrielle Orr has been personally and professionally connected to physical and spiritual healing throughout her life. Born in Germany, she underwent several surgeries very early in life due to a deformed hip. It was during these times that she had her very first conscious experience with her Akashic Records.In her native country, she worked with mentally and physically disabled children, teenagers and counseled their families. When she was in her early twenties, her husband had been faultlessly involved in a car accident, which resulted in a spinal cord injury between the C5 – C6 vertebrae. The couple’s strong belief in self-healing resulted in a level of mobility that was unheard of by the medical society. Eventually the medical research center for spinal cord injuries at the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami invited the young couple to the United States to partake in their research program. The prolonged visits to the US eventually lead to a permanent relocation to US.Since then Gabrielle has been relentlessly interested in all forms of healing and self-development on all levels and has facilitated thousands of Akashic Record readings over the past 25 years. Today her focus is mainly on teaching others how to connect to their own higher power in her workshops internationally.

This book is a toolbox to help you create your own heaven on earth. It is designed to provide you with tools for your personal, emotional and spiritual evolution. The practice of these tools and guidelines will allow you to bring the parts of you that are still stuck in your past, into the present moment, where you then have the power to create a positive and loving energetic imprint for your future.

Getting involved with this book, will teach you how to create and follow your own “toolbox”. You will shift your vibrational energy to a level where you will not recognize the person that you were when you first started reading this book. It will be like looking at a photo from your high school Prom where you wonder how you could have ever worn your hair like that or chosen a pink dress covered with bows. You will remember certain parts of the old you, but you will also know that you would never ever go back to this time. You will recognize that you are really happy with the life you have learned to create for yourself now.

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