Let the Future Stand Revealed

An Astrological Lens into Time


Imprint: Ibis Press
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372 Pages


6 x 9



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Nicolas-Hays, Inc


  • Author Alan Oken

    Alan Oken has written several bestsellers, including Alan Oken's Complete Astrology, Soul-Centered Astrology, and Rulers of the Horoscope. An internationally known lecturer and teacher, he speaks and writes in six languages and has taught in over 30 countries. He has an active astrological consulting practice and a significant web presence. He is the founder and director of the Wisdom School.

A master course on the shaping and training of the “astrological mind.”

This book teaches the reader how to think like an astrologer. The author shares a process which not only allows a person to interpret correctly, it also makes astrology a tool for the development of true intuition, a vital aspect of consciousness.

Renowned Astrologer, Alan Oken focuses on the deeper meaning of the planets, focusing on the essence of each planet’s essential archetypal nature, and the energetic nature of planetary relationships. Included is a clear presentation of “astrological timing,” including ways to understand and apply the relationship between the transiting of “events” and the transiting of “psychological processes of personal development.”
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