Life of a Military Psychologist

A Story of Tragedy & Spiritual Awakening


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Ozark Mountain Publishing


As a clinician, educator, filmmaker and writer, Sally Wolf, PhD creates stories that feel deeply personal to the reader, spark insight into the human condition and illuminate the potential in each of us to heal trauma and change. Through her engaging true-to-life experiences within military and civilian cultures, we are entertained by the mysteries, educated by secrets never shared, and feel inspired to speak our truth. Dr. Wolf gives voice to those that cannot speak for themselves and entreats us to always trust our gut instinct along our spiritual journey.

With the stock market tanking, Dr. Sara Fox is forced from her comfortable small town therapy practice and thrust into the violent world of military mental health and intimate partner violence, where officers are rarely guilty, victims are always blamed, and questioning the status quo can be a death sentence. While juggling a family at home and a new relationship, Sara tries to stay sane in the face of grizzly war stories both foreign and in the homes of service members. If that was not enough, Sara’s violent offender’s rehabilitation group comes under suspicion of stolen Iraqi payoff money, stolen valor and countless stolen lives. Will Sara be silenced by the military’s iron will, or can she find her voice to save herself and the patients she dedicates her life to help?
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