Magical Uses for Magnets


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Draja Mickaharic was born in Bosnia and has been practicing magic in the U.S. for more than 45 years. He is the author of A Century of Spells and The Practice of Magic. He lives in Philadelphia.

From the latches on our kitchen cabinets to the magnetic strips on our credit cards, we take magnetic forces for granted every day. Magnets are a relatively new technology, although people have remarked on naturally-occurring magnets, or loadstones, for hundreds of years. Mickaharic, in his inimitable, no-nonsense style relates the history and folklore of magnets and how they work, and explains several practical uses including improving fuel combustion, descaling water, and charging water for better plant growth. Most of his book is devoted to explaining how the attractive power of magnets can be harnessed in spells and vibrational healing.

Mickaharic includes instructions on spells for attracting a job, a lover, or money/ making devices to magnetize oils and potions for increased potency/ making magnetic magic wands/ using magnets with sigils and seals/ making a Mesmer board for vibrational healing/ constructing a device for distant/covert communication/ working with energy rods/ and aura cleansing with magnets.

Mickaharic also includes an interesting biography of the flamboyant Antoine Mesmer that rectifies the misunderstandings around his so-called discovery of “animal magnetism” and initiation of the practice of hypnotism.

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