Mormonism For Beginners


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For Beginners


Stephen Carter--editor of Sunstone magazine; author of What of the Night?, an award-winning collection of personal essays on Mormon themes, and of iPlates Volume 1 and Volume 2, a graphic novel based on the Book of Mormon.

Jett Atwood is San Francisco-based animator and cartoonist who has worked on numerous comic-book titles, video games, and short films. A longtime collaborator with Carter, she contributes regularly to Sunstone magazine.

Mormonism For Beginners is a balanced, richly engaging introduction to the history, tenets, practices, traditions, and yes, debates and controversies of this uniquely American Protestant movement. Designed for the uninitiated or younger members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), this book presents the history of the movement from Joseph Smith to the 21st century along with the key doctrines of the faith in the context of everyday life, as well as the essential scriptures. Not least of Carter and Atwood’s accomplishments is addressing such headline-grabbing issues as polygamy, same-sex marriage, and the role of women in the LDS church in dispassionate, even-handed terms. Their goal is to shed a clear light on an often misunderstood belief system and way of life.

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