No-Nonsense Resumes

The Essential Guide to Creating Attention-Grabbing Resumes That Get Interviews & Job Offers


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  • Author Arnold G. Boldt

    Arnold Boldt is the author of Resumes for the Rest of Us and coauthor of No-Nonsense Resumes and No-Nonsense Cover Letters. He is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Job & Career Transition Coach, and managing partner of Arnold-Smith Associates, a career transition consulting firm.

  • Author Wendy S. Enelow

For the first time ever, here’s a resume book that clears away the clutter and gets down to the “brass tacks” of what it takes to write and design a resume that will get you interviews and job offers. Authors and professional resume writers Wendy Enelow and Arnold Boldt share their insights, knowledge and more than 35 years of combined experience to help you prepare a resume that will get you noticed, not passed over.

No-Nonsense Resumes begins with a thorough but easy-to-understand explanation of the key elements that are vital to creating an “attention-grabbing” resume, including how to:– Strategically “position” your resume– Showcase your skills and achievements– Format and design a professional-looking resume– Select and integrate key words– Prepare and distribute your electronic resumeSubsequent chapters offer specific tips on creating winning resumes for job opportunities in virtually every profession: Administration & Clerical; Accounting, Banking & Finance; Government; Health Care & Social Services; Hospitality Management & Food Service; Human Resources & Training; Law Enforcement & Legal; Manufacturing & Operations; Sales, Marketing & Customer Service; Skilled Trades; and Technology, Science & Engineering. Included in each chapter are sample resumes contributed by leading resume writers and career consultants worldwide.

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