Of Witches

Celebrating the Goddess as a Solitary Pagan


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Red Wheel Weiser


Janet Thompson has been writing for nearly forty years, with four published books, two released in the early nineties and three ghostwritten books, numerous websites she's designed and writes content for, as well as freelance contracting. She earned a Bachelors degree in Classical Studies and combines a love of humour, history, health, gardening, science and popculture in her writing, enjoying topics that are as varied as her websites, which include raw foods, holidays, the paranormal, spirituality and metaphysics. Of Witches and Magical Hearth were published and released in the 1990s and headed up the new age bestsellers lists for many months. Magical Hearth has been translated into Spanish. Janet has published many hundreds of articles on the web and freelances for a list of international clients. Her readings are found at psychicempath.com. More of her work (humor, nonfiction, poetry) is at writingroost.com.

People who are drawn to the pagan way or the way of the Craft are often alone, with many questions about who and what they are, and about lifestyle. This book engages readers in a dialogue that will help them understand the Wiccan path. Thompson talks about making a personal Book of Shadows, working with rituals and spells, working in the Circle, the witch within, and understanding the Goddess, the Earth Mother energy that is behind all that you do.
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