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Ginny Chiara Viola is a professional astrologer and founder of the Stelle Nascenti school of astrology based in Italy. Viola studies at the May School in London and with Marco Pesatori in Milan. She is one of Europe's most popular astrologers, writing horoscopes for several magazines and digital outlets.

40 magical messages from the stars to help guide you on issues love, career, family, and health.

From the moment we are born, the universe begins to speak to us — not with words, but with stars, planets, and celestial bodies. 

The position of the stars at the moment we came into the world assigns us a zodiac sign and binds us to it. That zodiac sign represents our compass, our personal universal key to decipher the messages of the cosmos and orient ourselves in the world.

This title is part of a complete set of decks that are each made up of 40 cards, divided into four classic categories: love, career, family, and health. Draw a card as needed for advice and guidance or pick a card at random and listen to what the universe is telling you!


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