Question Your Way to Sales Success

Gain the Competitive Edge and Make Every Answer Count


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Dave Kahle has been the top salesperson in the nation for two companies in two distinct industries. He has authored nine books, presented in 47 states and nine countries, and has personally and contractually worked with more than 300 companies to help them increase their sales. Specializing in the B2B environment, Dave creates customized training programs, speaks at national conventions, and consults in areas of sales system design and sales force compensation. He splits his time between Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Sarasota, Florida. You can connect with him at

A good question is a salesperson’s most powerful tool, one that can be used in every stage of the sales process, from making appointments to closing the sale; yet, most salespeople are ill-equipped to use this tool effectively. As a result, they deal with price issues, and wonder why the customer purchased from someone else. Question Your Way to Sales Success will transform the way you think and operate by offering specific, practical advice on how to ask better sales questions. A powerfully asked question… *Collects deeper and more detailed information about your customer. *Makes your customer think about what you want him or her to think about. *Creates the perception of your competence in your customer’s mind. * Gains agreement from your customer. Learn how to use the techniques that separate the superstar salespeople from the mediocre.
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