Reason and Revelation

Scholarly Essays about The Urantia Book


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Proponents of the UB are overdue for serious dialogue with the intelligentsia of our society, including the academic community. This introductory anthology builds bridges to these serious thinkers, especially those unfamiliar with The Urantia Book. It is suitable for those with research interest in religious studies, philosophy, theology, history, and general humanities.

This anthology provides the highest quality research essays about The Urantia Book (UB) in one standalone introductory volume. Aside from their high quality of writing, these materials have been selected for three reasons:

  • They showcase genuine scholarship and deep research on The Urantia Book
  • These essays bridge to contemporary knowledge outside the UB
  • Each piece is suitable for readers new the Urantia text.

Adherents of the UB are long overdue for serious dialogue with the academic community as well as with the intelligentsia of our society, most of whom are unfamiliar with The Urantia Book. In addition to introducing the UB to academics, thought leaders, and cultural influencers, Reason and Revelation is also designed as an introductory textbook for use in university classrooms, especially in fields such as religious studies, philosophy, theology, history, and general humanities. Like the Urantia revelation itself, this anthology is holistic and interdisciplinary. However, it does not provide essays on the social and natural sciences; these topics will be covered in a future volume. Reason and Revelation is divided into four parts:
I.   General Studies
II.  Origin and Influence Studies
III. Religion, Ethics, and Spirituality
IV. Philosophy and Theology

Because no prior knowledge of the UB is required, Part I provides a beginner’s orientation. The later sections further introduce UB teachings on more specific topics, building upon this earlier section. Most but not all of these later essays are chosen because they are comparative—they assess the UB’s teachings in relation to the contemporary academic understanding of the chosen topic. Several chapters simply provide studies of key topics at academic depth. To further aid readers, the anthology provides an extensive glossary, appendices, charts, and an index.

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