A confessional animal liberation narrative


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SALT is a graphic novel about two uniquely dysfunctional men with one goal: to save a monkey’s life.
Painted with intense color and bold inkwork, SALT is a graphic novel about two snail/slug men who liberate a monkey from a vivisection lab, saving her life and facing the consequences of those actions. The monkey character is based upon a real experiment in which the head of one monkey was switched onto the body of another. Her character is intended to sit with the results of such an experiment in a compassionate and intimate manner. SALT is also about how pursuing one’s goals and enacting change is often mediated by the strength of your relationships. Although this book is at its core connected to animal rights, it focuses a lot on interpersonal relationships and conflicts and the type of people who are willing to commit their lives to a cause. Unstable relationships between our main characters and tensions building create a sort of desperation in a relationship that makes people act outside of their own values, which drives much of SALT.

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