Sangreal Tarot

A Magical Ritual System of Personal Evolution


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Red Wheel Weiser


This is not just another book about the tarot. It can be used with any deck of cards, for it looks at the symbols of the tarot from the Sangreal viewpoint to teach you a new way of meditation that will enhance your pursuit of the Western Mystery Tradition. Gray combines the symbolism of the Quabbalistic Tree of Life with the symbolism inherent in the traot so you can learn the secret language of the tarot while looking at it through the lens of the mystical path. The ten fundamental types of consciousness will be explored using the four worlds of the qabbalah that also appear in the four suits in the tarot, and Mr. Gray will explain how he workds with the meanings of the major and minor arcana. Also included is the Journey of the Fool, that mystical journey of the soul that each person who quests for the Holy Grail must take. Mr. Gray does recommend that you use the cards for fortunetelling, but rather that you use them to help your spiritual growth. By working with the cards, they will begin to talk to you, and as you better understand the symbolism, you will learn the true value of what you hold within yourself.
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