Sisters of the Fae

Explore the portals of the fae and fly into the earthly realms (33 Full-Color Cards and 80-Page Full-Color Guidebook)


Imprint: Sacred Scribe Publishing
Availability: Currently not available / Coming soon on 10/07/2024

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80 Pages


4 x 5.5



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Sacred Scribe Publishing


As a passionate explorer of the spiritual realms, Leah Shoman is not only an accomplished author but also a visionary publisher dedicated to illuminating the path of self-discovery and enlightenment. With a deep-rooted love for mystical traditions and esoteric wisdom, Leah has authored captivating books that delve into ancient teachings and modern spiritual practices. As the guiding force behind Sacred Scribe Publishing, a renowned publisher specializing in tarot and oracle decks, as well as spiritual literature, Leah curates collections designed to inspire, guide, and elevate individuals on their unique journeys. The decks crafted under Leah’s visionary guidance serve as portals to ancient wisdom, offering insights and divine guidance to seekers around the world.

Embark on a magical journey with the Sisters of the Fae oracle deck. Connect with enchanting fairy realms, experience inner-child healing, and unlock ancient earth wisdom. A whimsical tool for joyous spiritual exploration and creativity.
Sisters of the Fae oracle deck is a magical portal to a childlike realm, offering a wondrous journey into abundant fairy realms. This mystical tool grounds you in earthly planes, connecting with Mother Earth and flower keepers. Work with the fae for inner-child healing and embrace a joyous, limitless perspective on your spiritual journey. Unlock ancient elemental codes shared by our great mother during this time on earth. Believe in magic, tap into your inner fairy, and flutter into your creative center with this soul-nourishing oracle deck. Connect with fairies to unlock soul codes and unearth wisdom. Sprinkle fairy dust, ride on butterfly wings, and discover secrets in earthly ethereal realms. Dance with the fae, open your heart to abundance, and embrace soul gifts, creativity, and whimsical musings. Let the keepers of the earth guide you on a sacred adventure to oneness with nature, holding you in love and wisdom throughout your journey of self-discovery.

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