Solomon and Sheba

Inner Marriage and Individuation


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  • Author Barbara Black Koltuv

    Barbara Black Koltuv is a clinical psychologist and a Jungian analyst and has studied biblical Hebrew for several decades. In her more than forty-five years of practice Dr. Koltuv learned that wholeness and healing come through a deep spiritual connection to the Self within. It is her hope that this book will help people find that connection by working with their dreams. She is an authority on amulets and talismans and the author of Amulets, Talismans, and Magical Jewelry, The Book of Lilith, Solomon and Sheba and Weaving Woman.

The story of Solomon and Sheba can be understood on many levels. It is a love story, but it is also the splendid account of the heart’s journey toward individuation and inner marriage; it is a coniunctio of the masculine and feminine principles that exist in every human psyche – male and female. The end of the journey results in a new birth – and the transformation is unmistakably a story of mystical love – and the love of God.
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