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Imprint: The Witches' Almanac
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The Witches' Almanac


Lee Morgan’s lifetime interest in the occult and poetry led to seven years at university studying wildly vocational topics like Literature. Fully assured of a likely career in the fast food industry, Lee began to pursue publication of a first book. Lee continued to pursue publication of a book for well over a decade. A twenty year involvement in Traditional Witchcraft and a lot of pushing from friends led to a first publication in non-fiction with A Deed Without a Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft, which Lee describes as the book he would have liked to have found when first setting out upon the crooked path, and is designed for the discerning beginner. A new more 'advanced' non-fiction title Sounds of Infinity: Traditional Witchcraft and the Faerie Faith is expected this year.

This story about faerie began as a vision. In his newest work, Lee Morgan follows a cacophony of visions with sharp, bright edges to them that have lain claim to his heart and hands. In what is clearly a work of the heart, Lee bypasses rational intellect guiding the reader to experience the touch, scent and feel of the Faerie Faith through symbol and suggestion.

Sounds of Infinity is divided into three parts, the work of the Head, the work of the Heart and the work of the Hands. The second is a work of occult fiction that meditates upon the themes discussed in Part One in the form of a woven narrative. The final part is a practical grimoire that leads the reader through the door to physically manifests the vision they have shared in parts one and two. This is not just a book, but an experience, one which culminates not at the end of reading the volume but in the consummation known in the art of ritual.
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