Starlore Arcana

Constellations for Tarot, Astrology, and Cartomancy (56 Full-Color Cards and 128-Page Guidebook)


Imprint: Weiser Books
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Red Wheel Weiser


Nitasia Roland is a writer of esoteric nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. She received her MFA in creative writing and is the founder of the indie publisher Urantia Press. For her interdisciplinary masters degree, she studied English, poetry, printmaking, photography, and design. Nitasia works from home as an artist, independent researcher, editor, and tarot-deck creator. She resides in Maine.

A beautiful fifty-six-card​ cartomancy deck exploring the mythology, folklore, and mythical stories of constellations and the zodiac. The companion 128-page guidebook provides star lore and tarot arcana interpretations.

The stars and constellations have long been regarded as gods, sacred ancestors, and powerful entities. This beautiful fifty-six-card deck is comprised of playing cards that have been revived and remastered from original illustrations by John Lenthall, published in 1717. The focus of the Starlore Arcana is the mythology and folklore of sixty-three constellations, including the zodiac.

Although many of the constellations have their genesis in lore and myth stretching as far back as Egyptian, Babylonian, and Phoenician origins, most the of the interpretations in the companion book derive from Greek myth. By including associations with the minor arcana, the author invites a playful exploration between the tarot, the fixed stars, the zodiac, and playing card cartomancy. The deck has been crafted to align with the fifty-six cards of the tarot minor arcana, with interpretations that follow the tradition of the Rider-Waite-Smith system of symbolism and archetypes.

A stand-alone deck accessible to beginners, the Starlore Arcana features:

  • Location of the constellation
  • The myth and lore associated with the constellation
  • Cartomancy interpretation
  • Tarot (minor) interpretations
  • How to use these cards in divination

May the magic of the Starlore Arcana provide stellar insight and transformation and bring poignant connection, with the guidance of spirit, the wisdom of the stars, the ancients, and the seen and unseen worlds.

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