Sun God & Moon Maiden

The Secret World of the Holy Grail


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Gordon Strong is a writer, speaker, and workshop host. He is well-known in the U.K. and the West Coast of America. He has published several books on myths, magic and sacred monuments and numerous novels. Music, laughter with friends, and walking are his other pursuits. He lives in Somerset. Gordon on how he would describe his writing:

"When I write about metaphysics I’m bringing in quantum, neurology, cosmology and philosophy simply because they are part of the picture. I’m a believer in balancing reason and the intuition so as to get the best out of both qualities. In my fiction I’m upholding the traditional virtues of nobility and respect and above all, love. I champion the individual against the corporate mindless monster, very much a theme of our times. I’m not a cynic, but I’m not so much of a romantic either that I drift off into Fluffyland. I’m funny too, humour is part of awareness."

The Holy Grail is many things to many people. The medieval troubadour saw it as a vision of heaven. In the twenty-first century, the quantum physicist finds heaven in parallel universes. The shaman, who links prehistory with the modern world, travels in other dimensions knowing he will experience the parameters of existence. In Sun God and Moon Maiden, Gordon Strong suggests that the presence of the Grail questions not only space and time but perception itself. The philosophy of Plato, the psychology of Jung and the nobility of kings are within the Grail’s domain. It resides in the endless galaxy of the mind. This interior landscape is where we discover yet more gateways into Inner Space, realms where we may come to know the universe, and ourselves. From Atlantis to Arthur’s Camelot, the path to Avalon still awaits. As Gordon Strong demonstrates in this fascinating book – encompassing mythology, magic and modern physics – the ancient wisdom of the Qabalah, the Tarot and Sacred Stone Circles are poised to lead us to the Chalice of Inspiration.

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