Tarot Triumphs

Using the Tarot Trumps for Divination and Inspiration


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"A fresh, bracing, and inspiring look into the Major Arcana. The Fool's Mirror in particular is the most sophisticated and profound Tarot layout that I have ever seen." --Richard Smoley, author of Forbidden Faith: The Secret History of Gnosticism
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Cherry Gilchrist is a writer and lecturer and a long-time participant in Western traditions relating to Kabbala, meditation, and hermeticism. She is a graduate of Cambridge University, UK, in English and Anthropology, and holds a post-graduate diploma from the University of Bath Spa in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. As an author, Cherry has published widely on mythology, traditional culture, and inner traditions. She writes both for adults and for children, and has won a UK Reading Award for her Calendar of Festivals. Her books include The Elements of Alchemy, Stories from the Silk Road, The Circle of Nine and Divination. Many of her titles have been translated into other languages, including Italian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. With something of the merchant also in her blood, she has for many years visited Russia in search of beautiful lacquer miniatures and the rich heritage of Russian folk lore and craft, making a total of nearly sixty trips to Russia. She ran a Russian arts gallery in the city of Bath, England, for a number of years, and has put on leading exhibitions of Russian folk art at museums and galleries. Cherry is also a well-known lecturer, a popular speaker on Russian art and culture and inner traditions. Cherry has visited Russia over fifty times, and has researched its traditional lore as well as dealing in Russian arts and crafts, and staying on many occasions in a wooden village house deep in the Russian countryside. During her contacts with artists and villagers, as well as with museum experts and ethnographers, she not only discovered much about the regional traditions of Russia, but experienced some of them at first hand. She visited a shaman in Siberia, took part in the Maslnitsa festival in Moscow, and celebrated New Year traditional style, in the depths of a frozen forest. Cherry now lives near Stroud, in Gloucestershire, with her partner Robert, an artist. She enjoys travel, and has visited destinations as far apart as Samarkand, Easter Island, and Ethiopia. She also loves music, especially singing early music, walking in the countryside, and cookery.

Focusing on the major arcana, or trumps, of the Marseilles Tarot, the aim of this book is to encourage the reader to experience the tarot in a direct, fresh, and uncluttered way.

Key points:

  • Focuses on the 22 trumps, or the major arcana of the tarot
  • Offers advice on how to study each card and find its unique significance
  • Provides instructions for laying out and reading the cards
  • Explores the tarot in terms of history, divination, symbolism, and esoteric traditions

This exploration of the major arcana includes “The Fool’s Mirror,” a new method for laying the cards out, as well as hints for using the tarot to gain deeper levels of awareness. Cherry Gilchrist offers ways to approach each card, absorb it, and understand its essence. Readers are encouraged to relate this essence to personal experience as the most enduring and rewarding way to prepare for reading the cards.

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"A fresh, bracing, and inspiring look into the Major Arcana. The Fool's Mirror in particular is the most sophisticated and profound Tarot layout that I have ever seen." --Richard Smoley, author of Forbidden Faith: The Secret History of Gnosticism "Tarot Triumphs delightfully initiates us into the procession of the Tarot de Marseilles trumps, helping us to wisely read its reflections in the Fool's Mirror. How wonderful to be immersed in such mature and practical tarot writing!" --Caitlín Matthews, author of The Complete Arthurian Tarot and Untold Tarot "Cherry Gilchrist's Tarot Triumphs: Using the Tarot Trumps for Divination and Inspiration is an excellent book for beginners, who want to learn to use The Tarot of Marseilles for divination. Unlike most books for beginners, her book is firmly grounded in the actual history of the Tarot, and the fact that the trump cards originated in Renaissance Italy as illustrations related to triumphal parades. She also provides valuable insights into the folk traditions that helped shape the cards and their use, based on her observations of traditions in Italy, China, and most of all Russia. Experienced readers will find something to learn here as well." --Robert M. Place, author of The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination, and the creator of The Alchemical Tarot and The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery "Tarot Triumphs is simply the best Tarot book I've ever read. Accessibly blending a lifetime's Tarot experience with historical knowledge, personal engagement, creative imagination, esoteric wisdom, and sound common sense, it's equally well-suited to introduce newcomers and to provide fresh stimulation for long-time Tarot users. It seems clearly destined to be a classic." --Prof. Grevel Lindop, poet and author of Charles Williams: The Third Inkling "Although directed towards those starting their own Tarot journeys, Tarot Triumphs is an enjoyable and informative read for Tarot veterans as well." --Thalassa, Founder, Daughters of Divination, Producer, San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (SF BATS)