The Art of Psychic Protection


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Red Wheel Weiser


Judy Hall (1944–2021) was an internationally renowned authority on crystals, astrology, and psychic healing. She lectured and led workshops throughout the world. She held degrees in religious studies and cultural astronomy and astrology and had extensive knowledge of world religions and mythology. Her numerous books have been translated into fifteen languages.

An essential guide to psychic self-defense with simple practices for protecting yourself from the spiritual pitfalls of everyday life and preserving your energetic well-being.

We protect ourselves in many ways—insurance policies, locks on our doors, and so forth. But our physical safety is not the only thing that needs looking out for, so too does our psychic well-being. We all need the occasional boost to defend against unhealthy invading energies. This is particularly the case for exceptionally sensitive people or those who work as therapists or healers.

The simple and effective psychic protection tools explained in this book include:

  • Guided imagery techniques to facilitate mastery of the exercises
  • Recommendations on the use of specific crystals, gems, and talismans
  • Practical advice on how to avoid being exposed to things that may compromise your psychic strength

Also offered are advanced techniques to prepare for activities such as meditation, out-of-body experiences, and channeling.

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