The Atlantis Encyclopedia


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Red Wheel Weiser


  • Foreword by Brad Steiger

  • Author Frank Joseph

    Frank Joseph is the author of The Atlantis Encyclopedia (New Page Books), as well as a dozen other books on history, prehistory, and metaphysics. He has been the editor-in-chief of Ancient American magazine since its first issue in 1993. He lives in Wisconsin.

A handbook of Atlantean information for general readers and specialists alike!

This is an invaluable, one-of-a-kind reference. Unlike most other books on the subject, The Atlantis Encyclopedia offers fewer theories and more facts. Although it does not set out to prove the sunken capital actually existed, The Atlantis Encyclopedia musters so much evidence on its behalf, even skeptics may conclude that there must be at least something factual behind such an enduring, indeed global legend.

You'll learn:

  • What was Atlantis?
  • Where was it located?
  • How long ago did it flourish?
  • How was it destroyed?
  • What became of its survivors?
  • Have any remains of Atlantis ever been found?
  • Will Atlantis ever be found?
  • Did Atlantis have any impact on America?

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