The Birthmark Scar


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P.E. Berg has a doctorate in adult education from Kansas State University and served in the U.S. military for 29 years. Paul has written military history and adult education journal articles over the past 15 years and The Birthmark Scar is his first collaborative novel. He is currently a university professor, tries to write full-time, and lives on Sentinel Hill in Kansas on his five wooded acres.

Amanda Hemmingsen’s 3 core metaphysical disciples are Tantra, Ayurveda, and energy healing. She has a master’s in English and works full time as an editor. You can reach her via

The Birthmark Scar originated as a way to psychologically record and process the death of a father and how coping with death introduced concepts regarding psychics, past-lives, and synchronicity.

The Birthmark Scar includes angels, tarot readings, energy work, intuition, past life experiences, magick, Pagan rituals, psychics, and witchcraft. We believe that sometimes the best learning comes from story. In today’s world, metaphysical traditions blend together, and many called to explore their spirituality are overwhelmed by the strangeness of it all. What is most difficult to understand is past lives; they are easy to grab hold of intellectually, but true processing of past lives is deep emotional and spiritual work. Our intention is to use this fictionalized version of Paul’s life experiences to inspire and teach people about what it means to grapple with the deepest, hidden aspects of self. We felt a deep connection with a narrator undergoing a modern spiritual crisis, we believe others are too. Part of what makes this work unique is its approach to historicizing witchcraft. Characters in various centuries practice herbal medicine and rituals, and grapple with threats from institutional authority, but new information about what that was really like to experience is introduced.

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