The Black Book of Johnathan Knotbristle

A Devil’s Parable & Guide for Witches


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Chris Allaun has been studying witchcraft, magick, and paganism since 1992. He is one of the founders and an ordained minister with The Fellowship of the Phoenix. He has been an initiate of Traditional Witchcraft since 2002. He is also a Native American Pipe Carrier and studies that path of the Red Road. He teaches classes and workshops on magick, healing, shamanism, and necromancy. He has been teaching and writing for many years. He is the author of Underworld: Shamanism, Myth, and Magick; Deeper into The Underworld: Death, Ancestors, and Magical Rites; and Upperworld: Shamanism and Magick of the Celestial Realms. He continues to study and teach the magickal arts to those who seek to balance the three worlds in their own lives. Chris’s first book with Crossed Crow is scheduled for release in summer 2023.

The Black Book of Johnathan Knotbristle: A Devil’s Parable & Guide for Witches offers an engaging, hands-on manual of old-style Witchcraft disguised in the creatively woven words of the Devil’s parable. Chris Allaun, drawing on his decades of experience in the study and practice of Witchcraft, utilizes storytelling to illustrate how a witch could have found compact, and thus power, through communion with the figure known as the Devil. Each chapter is a new lesson told from the perspective of our main character, Johnathan Knotbristle, that he, in turn, learns from the Devil. The second part of the book is the actual grimoire that offers the reader step by step instructions for working the acts of magic referenced in part one. It includes workings to create the Devil’s Stang, methods of entering trance, instructions on spirit conjuration, and much, much more. 

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