The Bones Fall in a Spiral

A Necromantic Primer


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Mortellus is a lineaged Third Degree Gardnerian High Priestex of the Long Island Line. They are presently busy at work on their third book, with the second, The Bones Fall in a Spiral: A Guide to Necromancy and the Magic of Death completed and arriving soon. In addition to their role as High Priestex, Mortellus is a mortician, and holds degrees in design, education, fine arts, and mortuary sciences. Their areas of expertise include necromancy, necrobotany, mediumship, and the funerary rites of minority faith groups. Currently residing in western North Carolina on three acres that doubles as the covenstead for the Coven of Leaves with their spouse, adult child, AMAB/AFAB twins, and dog; generally wishing there was more time in the day for hiding in the studio and playing with clay. You can follow Mortellus and all their work by visiting their website at

Providing more than fifty exercises, rituals, spells, and recipes, this book teaches you how to honor and work magically with the dead. Mortellus shares the history and power of death magic while also demonstrating its ability to bring comfort and connection. They show you a variety of ways to build a meaningful and safe practice, from using necromantic tools and instruments, to understanding the very nature of a soul.
The Bones Fall in a Spiral dispels misconceptions about necromancy, helps you ethically work with spirits and remains, and provides a book of shades—an extensive spell book featuring step-by-step instructions. Explore correspondences, devotions, sigils, rites, and healing magic. Discover how to help the dying cross over, set up an altar, investigate the paranormal, protect yourself, and more. This deeply researched and respectful book empowers you to learn from the dead and become a guardian of the liminal spaces between our world and theirs. 

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