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Per Henrik Gullfoss has been teaching, giving private consultations, and coaching in astrology and tarot for his entire adult life. A graduate of the University of Oslo, he has a master's degree in theater studies with honors in addition to his major in religious history with a focus on Norse mythology and mysticism. In addition to these accomplishments, he is also a trained firewalking instructor. Per Henrik started the Nordic School of Astrology in 1992 and has many storied years of experience in teaching, consultations, coaching, and lectures. He is also an ardent theater lover and has participated with many independent theater groups as an actor, director and playwright. Over the years, Per Henrik has written twenty books on astrology, having previously been published through Norwegian publisher Forlag - Orion - Ildsjelen - Kagge - Bifrost, Danish publishing house Zosma - Brage, and American publisher Lewellyn. He has also written several books on tarot, philosophy, reincarnation, mythology, and the spiritual history of mankind, as well as a series of children’s books in Norway. Many of his works have been translated into Danish, and several are considered classics in tarot and astrology. Per Henrik Gullfoss has worked with alternative consciousness since 1980. He was the initiator of the Nordic School of Astrology, which began to train astrologers in 1992. Today, he trains astrologers and beginners who want to work with spiritual astrology and take a closer look at the soul's intention to incarnate on this planet. He is also coeditor and writer for the magazines Harmoni and Orakel. He entered the international market with The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology, which was published by the American publisher Llewellyn in 2009 with its latest edition being published by Chicago-based publisher, Crossed Crow Books. In addition to being a creative astrologer and spiritual inspirer, Per Henrik is an eminent lecturer and is known for having a lively, entertaining, and professionally inspiring way of conveying his messages. In addition to countless lectures in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, he has given a series of lectures in England and the USA.

Per Henrik Gullfoss is one of Norway’s most respected astrologers, and it is with incredible honor that we welcome the new and revised English translation of his book, The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology, to the Crossed Crow family. In this book, Gullfoss introduces the signs, planets, elements, modalities, houses, and other components of one’s astrological correspondences to help each reader realize their own path to spiritual fulfillment. Whether you are a beginner astrologer or have been studying for years, this book will widen your perception of the cosmological world around you.

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