The Language Codes


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Red Wheel Weiser


R. Neville Johnston was shot to death in 1977. He woke up in a hospital able to see people in their past lives. This NDE or "shaman's death" was just the beginning. He believes that he was sent back to assist in raising human consciousness to a higher echelon by helping us learn to speak an ascended language. He is the author of many books including The Language Codes and Telepathic Etiquette. Johnston lives in Reston, Virginia.

Why is it that after we “fall in love,” so many of us get hurt? Because we “fell!” But love feels light, energizing! So it would be more fitting to say “I’ve ascended in love!” and not set ourselves up for a fall.Johnston will have you laughing out loud as you learn the unconscious ways we disempower ourselves with the words and phrases we’ve been taught to use. You can even write yourself an emancipation proclamation when you finish reading this book!

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