The Medicine Bag

Shamanic Rituals & Ceremonies for Personal Transformation


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Hierophant Publishing


  • Author don Jose Ruiz

    Don Jose Ruiz is a Nagual (Toltec shaman) in the Eagle Knights lineage, and son of don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. He is the author of The Wisdom of the Shamans and The Medicine Bag, and coauthor with his father of The Fifth Agreement.

  • Foreword by don Miguel Ruiz

One of the main tenets of shamanism is a belief in the power of ceremony to manifest change in the physical world. Virtually all shamanic traditions use a variety of ritual practices as tools for personal transformation, healing, and celebration.

Now, in this exciting and practical book, Toltec shaman and New York Times best-selling author don Jose Ruiz introduces and explains a wealth of these shamanic rituals and ceremonies, and provides a detailed and accessible guide to performing them on your own.

This book will teach you how to:::

  • Choose and create power objects
  • Build a personal altar and medicine wheel
  • Align your life with the cycles of nature
  • Find and work with your spirit animals
  • Honor your ancestors, undertake power journeys, and much more

Like the medicine bag itself, this book is a potent tool kit of spiritual practices meant to open you to a world of beauty, exploration, and transformation. By offering step-by-step instructions in each chapter, don Jose Ruiz has made these rituals and ceremonies accessible to everyone who feels called to travel the shamanic path.

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