The Ofrenda Oracle

Celebrating the Day of the Dead/Celebrando el Día de Muertos (60 Full-Color Cards and 136-Page Guidebook)


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Angelica Castro is an illustrator born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Mexico. Growing up around a family of artists, drawing always came as second nature to her. After starting her illustrating career early in college, she now specializes in creating dynamic and colorful art for a wide variety of projects. If she isn’t expanding her drawing skills, you can find her dancing or reading historical romance books.

Nancy Hendrickson is the author of Ancestral Tarot and Ancestral Grimoire, both of which focus on connecting to and working with your ancestors. Her published works include several genealogy books and magazine articles. Nancy writes about many types of divination, including tarot decks of the past as well as tarot from a cultural perspective. Find her at

Carrie Paris was in the first class to receive a master’s degree in the cultural study of cosmology and divination from the University of Kent, UK. She is the creator of The Relative Tarot, The Sirens’ Song oracle, and other decks. Carrie offers classes and divination services to a global clientele in the US, Asia, and Europe. Learn more at

Welcome to The Ofrenda Oracle, inspired by the celebration honoring the Beloved Dead during Dia de los Muertos—Day of the Dead
Ofrenda is Spanish for “offering.” These are the items placed on a home altar during the annual (traditionally Mexican) Dia de los Muertos celebration. An ofrenda, which may be quite large and elaborate, is usually created by the family members of a person who has died, and it is intended to welcome the deceased to the altar setting. The initial inspiration for this deck came from San Diego’s close association with Mexico and the yearly celebration of the Dead that runs October through the first days of November. From those vivid images and joyful celebrations came the idea for this kit of colorful cards.
The Ofrenda Oracle includes a sixty-card deck, designed to be read as an oracle. Included is a 136-page guidebook. The cards and booklet are printed in both English and Spanish. Cards 1–36 mirror those found in a Lenormand deck, and can be used separate from the remainder of the deck. The additional cards beyond 1–36 depict the vibrant symbolism seen during the Day of the Dead celebration. The Ofrenda Oracle uses its illustrations, colors, and stories to create a sacred space that is perfect for this reunion, preserving traditional elements of the religious and cultural syncretism that is lived and breathed in Mexico.
This deck was birthed by three artists: authors Nancy Hendrickson (Ancestral Tarot and Ancestral Grimoire) and Carrie Paris (The Relative Tarot, The Beloved Dead, and The Sirens’ Song), and graphic artist Angelica Castro.

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