The Oracle of Awakening

(44 Full-Color Cards and 112-Page Guidebook)


Imprint: Weiser Books
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Red Wheel Weiser


Lalania Simone is a mystic artist “born in the cosmos and raised by the streets,” as she says. Her mother is Mexican and her father Puerto Rican, but she descends from fifteen different regions of the world: this rainbow of different histories and heritages motivates Lalania to investigate the common root in the heterogeneity of the human being.

The Oracle of Awakening is a forty-four-card oracle that will lead you deeper into your own experience as a Divine Manifestation of Life. It’s a key to help you open your heart and mind by directing you to aspects of your being that need your attention, love, and reflection.
“In The Oracle of Awakening there are no limits or boundaries, only infinite possibilities. Lalania Simone’s work of exploration of human culture continues with the creation of this powerful oracle, which represents as never before an occasion to meditate and reflect but also to question and be provoked. She overturns the status quo with a work that explores the potential of the ‘divine manifestation of life,’ with courage and sincerity.” —Arcana Barcelona
We are in the time of the Great Awakening and are beginning to see through the illusions of our conditioning and realize that we are not separate from each other or the Divine.
The Oracle of Awakening
is infused with high-frequency energy and intention to help trigger a remembrance of your expanded self and your infinite potential. Each card is a portal, layered with vibrant colors, textures, people, animals, symbols, and keywords, and the guidebook is filled with inspiration for working with the energy of each card. Use these cards in your own way—as a daily draw, as inspiration for meditation, or in your personal rituals and ceremonies. You can also combine oracle cards into your tarot readings to expand and clarify your offerings and understanding. Additional spread ideas will be included in the book.
The deck has a diverse representation of people, animals, plant life, and spiritual symbolism. Each card also features a selection of keywords to inspire your interpretation. There are forty-four cards, standard oracle size (3.5” x 5”), printed on quality cardstock and accompanied by a detailed guidebook.

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