The Practical Psychic

Practical techniques for enlisting the resources of your own ability


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Red Wheel Weiser


  • Contributions by Cynthia Pearson

  • Author John Friedlander

    John Friedlander holds degrees from Duke University and Harvard Law School. He began a formal meditation practice in 1970 and began his studies of psychic meditation and aura reading with Lewis Bostwick beginning in 1973. He is the coauthor of three books: The Practical Psychic, Basic Psychic Development, and Psychic Psychology. He lives in Saline, Michigan.Gloria Hemsher was naturally intuitive as a child and grew up with a clairvoyant mother in a family environment where psychic awareness was the norm. She majored in art and graduated from Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. Hemsher studied yoga and meditation. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Human beings have always longed for more power over their lives. The allure of becoming psychic is a reflection of this wish one that has persisted through centuries and across cultures. It is the premise of this book that mankind’s wish has already been granted.

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