The Prosperity Principles

How to Think and Act Like a Millionaire


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Joel Fotinos is the vice president and editorial director at St. Martin’s Press and the author of several books, including The Think and Grow Rich Workbook. Fotinos has been featured in many magazines and newspapers, and was given Science of Mind magazine’s first Spiritual Hero of the Year award. A licensed minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living, Fotinos travels the country giving talks and workshops on spirituality and inspiration. He lives in New Jersey.

This is a book to help you acquire the mind-set to riches.

It’s about creating a way of living where you aren’t controlled by fear, inertia, or poverty. You, instead, are motivated by creative, positive action, and an open mind that is ready to receive prosperity in every area of your life. Here are the time-tested principles used by the self-made millionaires and billionaires to create lives beyond their wildest imaginations. Here are the time-tested principles that will help you tap into your inner reserves and knowledge you never knew you had. These writings—compact, powerful, practical—are ready to help you find solutions, discover new ideas, and make fresh starts on your road to riches!

Fotinos focuses on six foundational, life-changing principles that make you think and act like a millionaire: 1.Be Clear About Your Starting Point 2.Be Clear About Where You Want to Go 3.Decide You Will Go the Distance 4.Begin Now, Not Later 5.Take Steps Every Single Day 6. Achieving Mastery

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