The Rosicrucians

The History, Mythology, and Rituals of an Esoteric Order


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  • Author Christopher McIntosh

    Christopher McIntosh is a writer and historian specializing in the esoteric traditions of the West. He was for several years on the faculty of the Centre for the Study of Esotericism at Exeter University. He lives in Bremen, Germany. Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson is the Allsherjargoði (high priest) of the Ásatru community of Iceland. He is an internationally celebrated musician and a composer of film music, who has written the scores for such films as Children of Nature, Cold Fever, and In the Cut.

This scholarly work traces the mysterious Fraternity of the Rosy Cross, from its inception upon the discovery of Father Christian Rosenkreuz’s perfectly preserved body in a sevensided vault to presentday organizations in America. McIntosh includes a survey of Rosicrucianism in America, exploring the latter day survivals of Bacon’s New Atlantis. Perfect for students of the Western Mystery tradition who want an introduction to Rosicrucianism, with good resources for further study.

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