The Second Coming of Reb Yhshwh

The Rabbi Called Jesus Christ


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Rabbi called Jesus Christ is happening right now, as our consciousness is raised to the awareness that we are each in Him, and always have been. Beginning with a discussion of the pitfalls that the Bible and other holy scriptures have suffered during centuries of mistranslation, Suares presents the code by whiche the Bible can be deciphered so that we can better understand its revelations. He untanlges much of the text that has led people to fear and blind submission rather than true faith. Much of this is accomplished through his discussion of the relationship between Reb YHSHWH (YodHaySheenWawHay) and Peter. Suares also presents eight propositions that can bring us closer to Reb YHSHWH. He includes a discussion of Gnosticism and Docetism, examing in particular G.R.S. Mead’s The Hymn of Jesus and The Vision of The Cross. Suares concludes with meditations on The Gospels According to Thomas, which he believes to be the text that most convincingly proves the extratemporal origin of the Rabbi’s consciousness.
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