The UFO Experience

Evidence Behind Close Encounters, Project Blue Book, and the Search for Answers


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J. Allen Hynek (1910–1986) served as official astronomical consultant to the US Air Force’s Project Blue Book. He was an astronomer and professor of astronomy at Ohio State University and later became chairman of the astronomy department at Northwestern University in Chicago. Hynek started the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in 1973 and was largely responsible for the founding of MUFON (originally called the Midwest UFO Network). His books include The Hynek UFO Report and The Edge of Reality.
Paul Hynek is a Wharton MBA, an adjunct professor of finance and accounting at Pepperdine University, and the creator of startup financial projections software that has raised over one billion dollars for thousands of startups. Paul works with numerous startups as either a board member, advisor, or part-time CFO. He was also consultant on History Channel’s show Project Blue Bookand was the technology consultant on Discovery Channel’s Mayne vs. Shark. He is the son of J. Allen Hynek.

Cited by the New York Review of Books as “the best brief for visitation,” this classic study presents an analysis of UFO reports and concludes that many sightings cannot be easily dismissed.
The case against UFOs and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) has not been put to rest. Although UFOs “officially” did not exist for decades according to the government, reports of sightings continue to be made, and the latest releases from the government and related hearings have surprised the world. While the scientific community has put UFOs out to pasture, the evidence used to dismiss them is rare and unscientific.
Dr. Hynek, a scientist himself, and the only government-paid ufologist in history, looks at the decisions made by officialdom in the early days of ufology and how these decisions have held us back—to the point that we are still naively talking about UFOs as we were in the 1950s. Has seventy years of research made no difference at all in our understanding?
Dr. Hynek proves that there is a conspiracy afoot to hide the facts and that there are many cases that still need to be explained by mainstream science—not dismissed with facile jokes and stupid logic. Citing specific cases, Hynek challenges those in the ivory tower by raising questions that have still not been answered and refuting mainstream arguments that have yet to be proven.

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