The Wealthy Woman Oracle Deck

Divine Guidance and Empowerment for Prosperity (44 Full-Color Cards and 96-Page Guidebook)


Imprint: Muse Oracle Press
Availability: Coming soon on 07/15/2024

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96 Pages


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Muse Oracle Press


Taylor Eaton, a trailblazer at the intersection of wealth and spirituality, weaves magic into financial empowerment. Her holistic approach to money blends numerous powerful modalities (such as mindset work, Human Design, magic, and divination) and has illuminated the path to prosperity for thousands. Celebrated as an oracle deck visionary, spiritual conduit, and master of wealth embodiment, Taylor's work unlocks the door to abundance for all. More than a mentor for monetary success, Taylor harmoniously blends material success with spiritual richness. Amidst the whispering trees of the Pacific Northwest, she finds solace with her family, embodying a life abundant in both material wealth and personal fulfillment. Her journey is a mesmerizing dance between earthly success and the art of savoring life's simplest, most magical moments. 

The Wealthy Woman Oracle Deck is a luxury tool designed to empower women in transforming their relationship with money and cultivating more wealth in their lives. Each of the forty-four exquisitely designed cards serves to connect users with their intuition, offering guidance on all matters relating to abundance and prosperity.

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