The Web 2.0 Job Finder

Winning Social Media Strategies to Get the Job You Want From Fortune 500 Hiring Pros


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Brenda Greene is a former editor at Working Woman and the author of the recently revised Get the Interview Every Time: Proven Resume and Cover Letter Strategies from Fortune 500 Hiring Professionals. She coauthored The Business Style Handbook and America's Girl, a biography of Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to swim the English Channel. It recently won the International Swimming Hall of Fame Buck Dawson award. Brenda recently moved to Enfield, North Carolina.

Coleen Byrne is a veteran Internet executive with more than 15 years' experience working for Internet giants, including: Yahoo!, CNET (a division of CBS), IGN (a division of News Corp) and Excite@Home. She has both international and domestic experience in Internet advertising, marketing, and business development. She also held public relations positions at Lucas Films and Louis Paul & Partners. Coleen lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and two sons.

Social networking sites are dramatically changing the way people stay connected. Not surprisingly, sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, along with “tweets,” blogs, and personal Web pages, are now key components of how job seekers discover exciting new opportunities and how companies find promising new employees.

Networking is the single most effective tool for finding a job–and social networking makes the networking effort incredibly more powerful. The ability to create, develop and maintain a social network that boosts a career is one of the biggest challenges for the 21st-century job seeker.

Based on the expertise of Fortune 500 hiring professionals and recruiters, The Web 2.0 Job Finder will show you:

  • How to create, develop, and maintain an online presence and brand.
  • How to adopt best practices for getting a job by writing skill-specific resumes, targeting jobs that match your skills and anticipating what a company needs.
  • How both companies and job seekers are staying ahead of the curve in a challenging job market, with special insights from top executives at Yahoo!, Microsoft, Google, and many other notable employers.
  • How to make your social network work for you and not against you (hint: avoid beer-swilling photos on Facebook).

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