The Z Factor

How to Get the Life You Dream of With The Law of Extraordinary Effort


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Committed to living all of his dreams, Edwin J. Sprague once accepted a $20,000 trial job offer and, in less than five years, became the corporation's president, managing high-profile, celebrity-endorsed product distribution for direct merchandising titans QVC and American Telecast Corporation. Taking one of those little ideas we all get but don't know what to do with, he became an award-winning inventor, selling nearly 2 million units around the globe. He also signed an NFL free-agent player's contract with the New York Jets and fulfilled his dream to become a published author. Married with two sons, he resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia. For more information, go to

“When I grow up I wanna be a musician, an NFL quarterback, a CEO, a ….”

How’s that childhood dream working out?

Most of us learn to discard our “outlandish” childhood dreams as we mature. It’s part of growing up, right?

No, you can still sell millions of your invention, be a company president, become an author, or sign an NFL contract–anything, anytime, regardless of your experience or education. Edwin J. Sprague has…in fact, he’s done them all!

Unlike the Law of Attraction, The Z Factor is anything but elusive or indescribable. “Z” is the extraordinary effort ordinary people can generate to turn dreams into reality.

Is it time to finally be what you dreamt you’d be when you grew up? If so, it’s time to harness the absolute power of Z. No affirmations here–just humorous, motivating, and gritty stories about:

  • Why too much learning can kill your dreams, and how Tactical Ignorance keeps them alive.
  • Raising your ZQ (ballsy [ball-zee] quotient) and introducing your ideas to life’s realities.
  • A Perpetual Motion Machine and the 10 tactics that’ll take you to the next level–repeatedly
  • Landing a whale (QVC), Feeding the Tuna Mayo, N.Y. Jets Meat, Professor Backwards, It Ain’t Easy Being Seven at My Age… and much more!

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