Theatre of the Mind

Evolution in the Sensitive Cosmos


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Henryk Skolimowski, a native of Poland, received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Oxford University. An Associate Editor of The Ecologist and a consultant to UNESCO, the author has been a member of the Task Force on Appropriate Technology of the United States Congress. He is the author of six books.

Evolutionary Illuminations

This stimulating book expresses the eonic drama of our eternal growth–from instinct to intuition. Skolimowski is a constant delight and surprise as an image-breaking philosopher/scientist/mystic. He establishes his position as an intrepid spokesperson for ecologically sound progress. He writes irreverent things in a reverent manner. From Prometheus to Prigogine, through a philosophy founded on experience, he develops the law of progressive development based on an ever-growing sensitivity to life.

Man, the author concludes, is a mind-making animal and evolution works through us. We are its custodians, the inheritors of tremendous stores of knowledge and of tremendous confusion.

“Glory to evolution,” concludes Skolimowski.

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