Thoughts through Space

A Remarkable Adventure in the Realm of Mind


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Thoughts Through Space had its origin in a daring plan conceived by two courageous men. It began in Autumn 1937 when a group of Russian flyers on a trans-polar flight crashed on a shelf of ice on the Alaskan side of the Pole. To find and rescue them–if they were still alive–the Russian government commissioned Arctic explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins to organize and lead an aerial search in those desolate regions.

While in New York, prior to his departure, Sir Hubert met Harold Sherman, a student of mental powers who had long been intrigued by telepathy, the phenomenon of mind-to-mind communication. Seeing an unusual opportunity to put telepathy to a scientific test, Sherman and Wilkins decided to collaborate on a six-month experiment. It was agreed between them that Wilkins, once his expedition was underway, would try to transmit thought messages at prearranged times directly to Sherman in New York. Both men would keep written records of each session, Wilkins noting down his thoughts as “sender,” and Sherman recording his mental impressions in his role as “receiver.”

This account re-creates all the absorbing drama and adventure of the experiment as the participants lived it. With Wilkins you fly in a small plane over the roof of the world, scanning the moonlit landscape for lost fliers, your mind filled with worried thoughts of weather conditions, radio contacts, fuel supplies, and countless other perils while straining to send your thoughts across space to the waiting mind of Harold Sherman. With Sherman, you will sit in a darkened room in New York with sights and sounds flooding into your awareness. And you will read of the remarkable successful results when the two men finally compared notes, proving that the thought–messages were indeed sent and received across 3,400 miles. Sherman’s years of study convinced him that his telepathy is a common human ability, and that we can all learn to use it.

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