Top Notch Executive Resumes

Creating Flawless Resumes for Managers, Executives, and CEOs


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Katharine Hansen is an instructor and creative director of Quintessential Careers, one of the most popular job-search sites. She holds a Ph.D. in organizational behavior and the certifications Master Resume Writer and Credentialed Career Master from Career Masters Institute/The Career Management Alliance. Hansen owned and served as chief writer for a resume-writing service for five years and was previously writer-editor at numerous newspapers, magazines, and nonprofit organizations. Hansen has published several books on cover letters, networking, and writing skills.

Branded resumes that illuminate the candidate’s unique value proposition and ROI are a must in today’s quest for the executive suite. Top Notch Executive Resumes not only explains how to integrate branding into career-marketing communication, but also how to craft resumes that address your fit with the organization’s mission and meet an employer’s specific business needs. Hansen instructs high-level professionals in framing past accomplishments so that the employer can visualize the executive’s strategic vision and industry insights, as well as what he or she can contribute.

Highlights of the book include:

  • A huge collection of resume samples in cutting-edge formats, organized by profession for easy navigability.
  • Examples of a wide variety of complementary documents–including leadership profiles and executive bios–that top-level professionals need to round out their executive portfolios.
  • Special additional features, including the preferences and peeves of hiring decision-makers, guidelines for working with recruiters, frequently asked questions, and case studies detailing complete job-search marketing campaigns.

    Let Top Notch Executive Resumes get you into that corner office!

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