Transcendence Map Oracle

Alchemical Cartography for Remembrance and Navigation (46 Full-Color Cards and 112-Page Full-Color Guidebook)


Imprint: Sacred Scribe Publishing
Availability: Currently not available / Coming soon on 09/15/2024

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112 Pages


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Sacred Scribe Publishing


Erin Schuetz serves as an activator and weaver of love-power remembrance for us all. She is a cocreatress with the divine, astrologer, oracle, and advocate. As a visual arts teacher for thirteen years, her innate drive to catalyze intuitive sol-intelligence and cocreative faculties within others has established a long-standing approach to her teaching. She is excited to offer this through the words and visuals of the Transcendence Map Oracle deck. Erin is also a children’s book illustrator, metalsmith, snowboarder, traveler, sailor, painter, record collector, hiker, biker, gardener, and herbalist. With the aligned team, she plans to open Aquarian Age learning laboratories for children (freedom “schools”).

This deck is a multidimensional experience of imagery and words. The cartography and poetry serve as navigation tools for deeper intuitive awareness and alchemical processing. The oracle layers reflect the nature of our vast, breathing, divine field. Each card honors the whole of the map composition first, with individual pieces as a secondary component. The messages, synchronicities, and symbolism stream through the design—all in connective flow. Transcendence Map Oracle is an interactive, playful puzzle in her essence. She reflects how we piece together the salty glints and glitters of synchronicity and our soul’s truth-journey, in this realm. The oracle supports us in exercising our intuitive and dimensional decoding capacities. Transcendence Map Oracle is here to aid us in unlocking more of our hidden, divine wisdom from the depths within the heart portal. The true helm!
Guidebook: A corresponding poem accompanies each card’s visuals. The poetic words are available for reference, and additional oracle messages are in the chapbook. The chapbook of activation poetry functions as the guidebook. There is also a short guided decode of each card, but it is purposely kept minimal, for the reader is the primary and clear instrument in which wisdom is accessed. The chapbook is a potent oracle and activation experience in its own right!

The Scroll: The Transcendence Map Oracle scroll is a visual archive of ancient-future investigation. A cartographic documentation of the alchemical path. It serves as a navigation tool for soul remembrance in this time-space embodiment. There are initiation keys and codes woven through the living, breathing, dimensional layers. The scroll is an oracular point of reference, as we transcend and piece our full spectrum awareness and expression back together.

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