Untraining of a Sea Priestess

A Practical Journey to Connect with Cosmic Water Wisdom


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Red Wheel Weiser


  • Author Stephanie Leon Neal

    Stephanie Leon Neal has been a student of the Tarot since the early seventies. She is the founder of the Discovery Tarot Path and the Global Tarot Association, a member of the American Tarot Association, and has written courses for Cherry Hill Seminary and Correllian Seminary. Neal is the author of The Untraining of a Sea Priestess: A Practical Journey to Connect with Cosmic Water Wisdom, also published by Turning Stone Press.

The Untraining of a Sea Priestess details the extensive knowledge from author Stephanie Leon Neal, gathered from her many years training in the Sea Priestess tradition. Every page contains an opportunity for transformation by teaching you how to untangle from your attachments and embrace the joy of cosmic water wisdom. Allow yourself to discover your hidden abilities while nurturing your true nature through the seasoned precepts presented by Stephanie Leon Neal.

Throughout the book, Stephanie gives techniques for recovering your own connection with the cosmic water web, an infinite source of knowledge and wisdom. Guided meditations and introductory techniques to divination provide you with a base to create your own relationship with the cosmic waters that permeate all things. This connection with the cosmic water wisdom will push you to reconsider what your genuine core beliefs are, and provide a means of communicating with the greater wisdom around us.

This is your time to change the world through your unique life. The greatest mystery on earth is what you will do, now that you know the keys are in your hands.

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