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Casey Zabala is an artist, tarot reader, practicing witch, living mystic, and creator of the Wanderer's Tarot. With 17 years of tarot experience, she has a studied and intuitive approach to her readings, while incorporating elements of natural magic and manifestation techniques. Casey is the founder of the Modern Witches Confluence, an educational gathering of modern witches sharing their wisdom and craft. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area. Visit her at wandererstarot.com.

This companion guide for the Wanderer's Tarot deck has in-depth interpretations for each card, including reversals, suggestions for card spreads, and a brief history of the tarot.

Wanderer's Tarot draws you in like nobody’s business. It’s as though this deck does a very quiet, very subtle spell on you. It draws a veil across your eyes, then unravels it, thread by thread.” —Beth Maiden, Little Red Tarot

“Inspired by nature and the cosmos, Casey Zabala’s Wanderer's Tarot is a witchier deck with an air of the darkly feminine.” —Elizabeth Krohn, Sabat magazine

Wanderer’s Tarot is not only as a divination tool, but is also used as a gateway to spiritual practice, self-care ritual, and a way to connect with your personal magic. The cards are based on traditional tarot symbolism, which has been transmuted by the need for feminine insight and awakening. For the magical practitioner, Wanderer's Tarot speaks to our magical tools and talismans. The suites of Moons (Cups), Stones (Pentacles), Knives (Swords) and Feathers (Wands) will lead you to a deeper understanding of your personal power— emotionally, materially, mentally, and passionately.

A version of this title was previously available directly from the author.

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