What A Coincidence!

The Wow! Factor In Synchronicity and What It Means In Everyday Life


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Susan Watkins is the author of books in several genres. Her most recent is What a Coincidence!, which explores the meaning of coincidence in our lives. She lives in upstate New York.

What would we find if, over a period of time, we paid careful attention to the coincidences in our lives? What would clusters of coincidental events reveal? Susan M. Watkins examines, from the inside out, coincidences in her own life and asks, What’s going on here? She discovers powerful insights into the workings of the conscious mind, into the concepts of time and space, past and future. Her examples vividly illustrate how the process of examining personal coincidences enriches our experiences and opens up a vast psychological landscape that otherwise tends to go unnoticed and certainly under utilized.

What a Coincidence! is a rich, often humorous, mindexpanding journey that will change livesreaders will never again dismiss those “coincidental” moments.

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