Windland's Rescue


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Red Wheel Weiser


L. Audel Cayce lives in the Texas hill country but calls Colorado her second home. Her own quest has led her to discover the magic of the land, much of it hidden but awaiting interaction. A seasoned editor and technical writer, Windland's Rescue is her first published novel. You can find her online at

A mystical fable about finding a way back home…

On the morning of Windland Cloud’s sixteenth birthday, she awoke from a frightening dream that left her feeling shaken and in desperate need of human company, but the house was empty. Her parents were nowhere to be found and they left no note. This adds to her sense of unease and the need to escape the residue from the dream and thoughts of her family’s dysfunctional life teetering on the edge of poverty, which is nearly unbearable. Windland grabs her hiking boots, laces up, and heads to a nearby state park to try and clear her mind. On the way there her fantastical journey begins…

Falling off a mountain into the year 1896, dealing with a woman who wants her dead, and avoiding an overly suspicious sheriff are the downside of the adventure Fate throws her into. The upside seems to be rescuing a reclusive woman, who may hold the secret to how Windland can get home, and a blue-eyed Irishman who holds not only Windland’s heart but her future in his hands. Will she be able to return to her own time? And what will happen when she does?

Windland’s Rescue is a coming of age tale with a cast of characters that span time and galaxies; energy grids and traveling portals; wicked women and secret rooms – and the ultimate need to find your way back home.

*Windland’s Rescue placed first in the Texas Authors Association’s contest for Young Adult-New Age fiction and it was a Silver Finalist in the North Texas Book Festival for Adult Fiction

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