Working with Midpoints

Your Key to Predictive Precision and Astrological Insight


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Kathy Allan is an accomplished astrologer and teacher with a scientific background that includes a Ph.D. in Molecular Toxicology and post graduate research in Infectious Disease. She is also the other of When Worlds Collide: Another Look of Lunar Nodes.

A simple yet often overlooked astrological technique. The information that midpoints provide is astonishing; they can mirror what is going on in the world, in many cases providing the missing link that explains what is really happening when traditional astrology fails.

Veteran astrologer and author Kathy Allan has crafted a new manual that will teach readers to hone their basic chart reading and predictive skills through working with midpoints, long considered a specialized topic in the field of astrology. Initially inspired by the astrology classic Working with Astrology by Charles Harvey and Mike Harding,  Allan wanted to create a more user-friendly textbook. Exercises are included at the end of each chapter. After explaining what midpoints are and how to find them, Allan uses in-depth case studies that examine the lives and horoscopes of such cultural icons as Carl Jung, Evangeline Adams, and Stephen King, demonstrating midpoints in action. Allan shows us how to delineate transiting and solar arc midpoints as an aid to understanding events. Adding midpoints to ingress, eclipse, and return charts adds detailed information that enables us to more accurately anticipate coming events. 

Readers will learn all about occupied and unoccupied midpoints, planetary axes, the 360 and 90 degree dials, plus how to contemplate and forecast future trends. At last, here is a systematic and engaging approach to – working with midpoints. 

The perfect companion volume to Allan’s acclaimed book on the Lunar Nodes.

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