You Selfish Bastard

A Self Help Book


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D. Arthur Wilson is a selfish bastard, but then it takes one to know one!  A celebrated professional artist for over four decades with installations and collectors worldwide, Wilson’s latest art form is his expression with paper and pen.  Believing his life was too busy to sit down and write the message burning in his heart, an innocent mountain bike ride resulted in a tragic fall, head over handlebars leaving him with a shattered left collarbone, and bruised ego but overall unscathed.  He knew the time had come to write the inaugural novel of his writing career. Wilson shares life with his wife lovely Lisa who’s put up with his selfishness for twenty-three years, four phenomenal sons, and four adorable granddaughters who daily give him opportunity to "find out who he is, be who he is, and ultimately share who he is.". 

You selfish bastard! Are you? Or do you know one?

There may be more to this question than meets the eye…

What started out as an innocent search to this seemingly simple question, the author was led down a very interesting rabbit hole. It would seem that to answer one question, it raises many more.

What does it mean to be selfish? When does self-care become self-ish?

And “WHO” is Self anyway?

Humorously crafted and superbly executed, D. Arthur Wilson’s enticing narrative regarding the human condition engages the reader in an unexpected journey to the heart of the matter: Ourselves. 

An expert in the field of behavior, mostly behaving badly, Dr. Wilson offers the wit and wisdom earned from the School of Hard Knox on the pages and into the minds and hearts of the reader seeking to find answers about those selfish bastards in our lives, and what in the world to do with them.

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