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Night Wings
A Soulful Dreaming and Writing Practice
Sally Nelson
ISBN: 9780892540884
Book (Paperback)
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
224 pages
May 15, 2004


Being a really good writer involves looking deep into ourselves as well as others in order to understand human--our nature, our challenges, and our motivations. Often, we work out our own problems through the stories we tell. Our dreams provide essential clues to our deeper selves. Nelson's "soulful dream-writing practice" teaches readers how to "catch" their dreams and turn them into a treasure trove for personal growth as well as an endless source of writing material.

Beginning with information about the different kinds of dreams we have, she offers a unique perspective on how to correlate our chakra issues with our dreams. She also shows readers how to recognize personal, mythic, and transpersonal themes in dreams. Often a dream seems to end leaving us wondering what it was all about, so Nelson introduces the Jungian technique of "active imagination," "drawing the dream material out in fantasy" to flesh out the dream and gain more insight.

Throughout the book, Nelson provides writing exercises and helpful advice on the craft of writing, along with information on how other writers have used their dreams in their work.

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