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Seeing Good at Work
52 Weekly Steps to Transform Your Workplace Experience
Dr. Joyce Duffala, Rev. Dr. Edward Vilioen
ISBN: 9780972718431
Book (Paperback)
Science of Mind Publishing
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
116 pages
April 15, 2004


You are a good-hearted person with good intentions, surrounded by good-hearted people with good intentions. Yet with the pressures of daily life, especially in the workplace, this is not always your experience. Seeing Good at Work provides 52 weekly steps to transform your experience in the workplace. Short readings and exercises, simply yet profound, proint you in the direction of seeing the best in yourself and others in any situation.

Dr. Joyce Duffala has long addressed spirituality in the workplace as a communicaions trainer. As a licensed spiritual counselor and guest speaker, she now assists others in realizing more good in their lives.
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Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen helps make spriritual principles relevant to a wide range of spiritual seekers.
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