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Lines in the Sand
New Writing on War and Peace
Editor Mary Hoffman, Editor Rhiannon Lassiter
ISBN: 9780972952910
Book (Paperback)
Disinformation Books
5 x 8
288 pages
50 B&W Illustrations
November 1, 2003


Described by Publishing News as "one of the hottest books of [the 2003 Bologna Children's Book Fair]," this is a challenging and thought-provoking collection of new poetry and prose from some of the world's most prestigious and talented children's authors and illustrators, with an original cover by Jane Ray. They were inspired by their feelings about the conflict in Iraq, though the wars covered range from a 13th Century Crusade, through the earlier wars of the 20th Century, to more recent conflicts in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Kosovo, right up to what was happening in Iraq in 2003.

With over 150 poems, stories and pictures about war and peace, Lines in the Sand offers hope for the future. Perfect for use in schools to help educate children when dealing with the topic of war, each contribution depicts a strong anti-war message and will serve as a cry for peace in these troubled times.

All royalties will go to UNICEF to directly fund the bringing of aid to child victims of the war in Iraq. We feel very strongly that there is currently nothing available to children and their parents and teachers that deals so articulately with the atrocities of war and how they affect children the world over. This is an important book in a time in which the anti-war movement is in danger of being silenced in America. It will be appreciated by children 7 up and adults of all ages.

Red Wheel Weiser - US CA