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In Her Footsteps
101 Remarkable Black Women from the Queen of Sheba to Queen Latifah
Annette Madden
ISBN: 9781573245531
Book (Hardcover)
Conari Press
8 x 9 1/4
272 pages
January 1, 2001


The life stories of these "daughters of Africa" are sometimes playful and sometimes painful - but always awe-inspiring in their truth and candor. Sweeping across history and over continents, they portray the energy, creativity, and resilience of black women such as Ana Quirot, a Cuban runner who overcame life-threatening burns to triumph in the Olympic games; Yelena Khanga, a black Russian woman who hosts the most popular television show in Russia and performs with a comedy troupe in New York; and Lulu Shite, the diamond-studded madam of Mahogany Hall in New Orleans.Organized by field of endeavor, chapters include African Queens; Slaves Who Refused to Bow; Freedom Fighters, Rabble Rousers, and Audacious Advocates; Powerful Politicos and Bold Businesswomen; and Sassy Songbirds, Dazzling Dancers, and Talented Thespians.

An avid history buff and science fiction fan, Annette Madden went on a quest to find the unsung heroines of African descent around the world to create her first book, In Her Footsteps. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and son.
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